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Our Mission

Our goal is to create a unique atmosphere of your table as well as to accentuate the character of the most important occasions by providing various arrangement products.

Company Profile


D&F is one of the biggest manufacturers in China that specialize in the production of disposable Printed Paper Napkin / Serviettes and other paper products for table decoration.


Over the years, thanks to its creative passion, competence, pursuit of perfection as well as improvement of both print quality and customer service, D&F has established a strong position and has become an increasingly recognizable brand in its business sector.


Since its origins, D&F has specialized in 2-ply and 3-ply patterned napkins, all manufactured in different sizes and shapes. Product range is regularly extended to include new, attractive products. They reflect design trends and accompany key occasions in our lives.


However, our offer is much bigger than that and includes such table decoration products as: paper plate and cups, paper straws, tablecloths, table runners. Our collections are completed by Party and table accessories that are items of everyday use as well as essentials when it comes to table decoration.


We guarantee that you will create a great atmosphere of your tables with us and that thanks to our unique gift wrapping products your presents will be long remembered by those who have received them.

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